The Willison Hellman Philosophy

Willison + Hellman is a law firm designed and created to solve problems for its clients.  Smart people don’t want to be in a conflict, but when you are forced to choose between injustice and fighting back we think you should fight to win.  No one wants to hire a lawyer, but when you need one you want a lawyer who is ready and able to finish the fight.  We are successful at solving those problems because every decision, from hiring people to buying equipment, is done with the intent to put us in a position to effectively solve problems for our clients.

We believe that in business, as in life, HOW you do things makes all the difference.  Our philosophy is to have the right people chasing the right goals in the right way.

The Right People

At Willison + Hellman, we understand a well-formed team is greater than the sum of its parts.  With that in mind, we assign tasks in a way that capitalizes on our talents and minimizes our weaknesses.  We take time to hire the right people.  We encourage those people to always improve – personally and professionally – in many ways:

  • We monitor work hours for both minimum, but also maximum benchmarks.
  • We require continuing education to stay on top of the latest developments.
  • We encourage our attorneys to step out of the courtroom and volunteer time to their communities or favorite charities.
  • We foster better communication through frequent social activities. These activities often include spouses – and families.

Our well-chosen, well-balanced, well-informed team makes us outstandingly effective for our clients, and a formidable challenge for our opponents.

Chasing the Right Goals

At Willison + Hellman, we take the time to make sure everyone is working toward the same end.  Before we do anything to try and fix a problem, we take the time to understand the big picture.  We want to know what happened.  We help our clients be clear about what they would like to achieve.  If possible, we also try to understand the other sides of the issue.

With this information, we can engage in a frank discussion not just about whether the law supports our client’s goals but whether our clients are doing the right thing.  We are honest about whether we are the right team for the job.  We try to make clear the potential pitfalls and the efforts necessary to overcome them.  It is only when we believe in the cause and agree on the goal that we can bring our full talents to bare.

In the Right Way

When the right people are working together toward the right goal, remarkable success is possible.  Part of that formula, however, is doing it the right way.  Our profession brings order and justice to society.  We preserve the rule of law for everyone.  Our firm must contribute to that cause.

We are aggressive, but not unfair.  We are determined, but not unreasonable.  Even when our opponent doesn’t share our values, we do the right thing.

We have found that high ethical standards do not hinder our efforts, but aide them.  Willison Hellman attorneys sleep well at night.  That’s why in the morning we so often win.