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Arson and fraud in insurance claims is a BIG problem. Just in the State of Michigan an arson fire occurs about every 90 minutes. Only about 10% ever result in an arrest and less than 2% end with a conviction. The conviction rate for bank robbery is more than 10 times higher. As you might guess, there are opposite trends in these two crimes. To make matters worse, forensics experts are becoming more timid about determining the actual cause of a fire.

However, the problem is much bigger than arson. Padded insurance claims, false claims, and other staged events all continue to be significant problems. Unfortunately, they are also gaining in social acceptance. Criminals attack the weakest and most vulnerable victims first. Insurance fraud is no different. Those companies who have chosen to not adequately protect themselves against this crime wave are the most vulnerable to be hit by it. Quite simply, wherever insurance fraud is not fought, it will thrive.

When you are ready to fight, we are ready to help.  Statistically, you may not find a better firm.  When we go to trial, we almost never lose.  In fact we win our fraud trials more than 90% of the time.  But Willison Hellman is NOT one of those firms afraid to try a case.  In fact, less than 20% of fraud litigation handled by this firm ends with a negotiated settlement.  And most of those settlements are for less than 5% of the original claimed amount.  In fact, one client found that over a three year period, 80% of the arson / fraud litigation files sent to Willison Hellman ended with no payment to the thief at all.

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